Charlotte Hollingshead

Director of Promotions & Entertainment

William D. Payton IV
CEO/Owner - Atlanta WildCats

Owner - Central Georgia Rattlers

Nick Hargrove Sr. 

Head Coach

(Central GA.Rattlers)



Atlanta WildCats & Central Georgia Rattlers Staff

William D. Payton IV
Head Coach

(Atlanta Wildcats)



Tracy Hightower
Owner-Central Georgia Rattlers

COO -Atlanta WildCats

Team Spiritual Adviser (Atlanta)

Photographer & videographer  

Director of Dance & Cheer

Monique Wright

Director of Public Relation & Community Affairs


 Placement Agent & Administration

Quinton Matthews 


Director of Administration

 LadyCATS Dance  Team Choreographer


Dance  Team Choreographer

Kimberly Ferguson

Team Coordinator

Kawuane McCray

​DJ Mane (DJ) 

Atlanta WildCats

Team Asst. (CGR)

LadyRattlers Dance Team Coordinator

Shekeriya Hollingshead

  Promotions & Entertainment  Assistant

 General Manager

(Central GA. Rattlers) 

General Manager

(Atlanta Wildcats)

LadyCats Dance Team Coordinator

PURRfection Youth Dance & Cheer Coordinator

Quint Coger 

Assistant Coach

(Central GA.Rattlers)


 Social Media

Kelvin Watson 

Assistant Coach

(Central GA.Rattlers)​


​  Director of Marketing 

Team Spiritual Adviser (Macon)

Assistant Coach 

(Atlanta WildCats)