Introduction of the Organization

     Atlanta Wildcats  & Central Georgia Rattlers ABA Basketball  are a competitive Professional Mens Basketball team providing opportunities for players throughout  the United States.  We perpetuate change, growth and expansion. We have established our organization  in Atlanta and Macon  Georgia .  We emphasize development of skill and talent in athleticism, spirituality, and career. We will create a fun and entertaining basketball camps, one-on-one youth skill development programs, nutrition awareness, physical fitness training, and other public appearances to promote sports and encourage involvement within the communities.  The players will get opportunities to showcase their talents through exhibition and season games gaining media exposure and footage for future career advancement.  Community businesses will have opportunities to advertise their products and services through advertisement in programs, at games, and through public announcements. Businesses will be allowed special advantages at games through sponsorship award recognition packages.  We will always welcome community involvement in the advancement of the Atlanta WildCats & Central Georgia Rattlers future success!

The Atlanta WildCats & Central GA. Rattlers will strive to be the premier sports team in the Fulton County region.  This will be the first professional basketball team in this region. During the game we want our customers to have fun enjoying quality leisure and family time. The Atlanta WildCats & Central GA. Rattlers will strive to provide a new avenue of exciting professional sporting events in this region. The Atlanta WildCats & Central GA. Rattlers will foster an array of entertainment, lighting, and service in this athletic arena to create a sense of excitement in order to reach our goal of over-all value in a sports entertainment experience.


The Atlanta WildCats & Central GA. Rattlers will be enfranchised privately by the ABA organization, an LLC company, owned by Joe Newman who backs the new business venture. William D. Payton IV and Tracy Hightower are the principal owner of the Atlanta WildCats & Central GA. Rattlers. In starting the company, we plan to raise money through fundraising, sponsorship, and off-season programs. The money will provide start-up capital; help purchase supplies, pay for permits/licenses, and any other pertinent expenses. The commencement date for the Atlanta Wildcats was August 1, 2012 and the Central GA. Rattlers was November 4, 2017 




To provide young men with the chance to develop, enhance and showcase their talent in basketball in the ABA organization in order to create and foster potential opportunities for advancement in the NBA, G-League, and other positions overseas while using their gifts to mentor the youth in our parks, schools, churches, and community.




To establish a strong base for American Basketball Association in Atlanta and Macon Georgia, as a well-structured professional men’s basketball team offering career advancement, job opportunities, and community service to the Southeastern Conference and worldwide.




Winners never Quit, Quitters never win!

This Bite Is Vicious




The organization will emphasize programs within the Atlanta WildCats, Central Georgia Rattlers and surrounding communities that encompass Loyalty, Leadership, Honesty, Integrity, Spirituality and Commonwealth preparing young men for life and business.



The Atlanta WildCats


Central Georgia Rattlers